Laser Hair Removal

Feel body confident with silky-smooth hair-free skin. Laser hair removal ends razor bumps, burns, and ingrown hairs for good.

Want to get rid of some unwanted hair?

Maybe you want to know how much full body laser hair removal costs? Everything south of your eyebrows? You’re in the right place.

Your body confidence is the reason we’re here. We work with customers from all walks of life — women, including those transitioning and men.

You can get rid of up to 95% of your unwanted body hair like hundreds already have.

Laser Hair Removal

Book your consultation, and we’ll make sure you’re suitable for laser hair removal.

We’ll get you in for a patch test, go over everything in detail, and book you in for your first session.

It’s best to shave the treatment area the day before you come in.

If needed, we’ll let you get undressed in private, then get you comfortable and looking 70s chic in our safety glasses. We wear them too so you won’t feel silly.

Then we’ll apply an icy gel before gently but rapidly running the laser over your treatment area.

Depending on where you’re having done, you can be in and out in just 30 minutes. We’ll give you some aftercare advice, and that’s it. You’re good to go.

We recommend using a good quality exfoliating scrub to fight off ingrowing hairs and using SPF on your skin to protect it right after a session. Your skin is super sensitive to UV rays after, so avoid the sun for around 30 days.

Laser Hair Removal

These prices are for six sessions. 99% of people need 6-10 sessions so its really cost-effective to join our membership plan, Flourish. We will chat about this at your consultation, but you can read about it in advance here


Laser Hair Removal

Yes, laser hair removal works. It’s important to remember that body hair is completely normal. It is not 100% guaranteed and is never permanent but most people get unbelievable results. 

How long does laser hair removal last? Most people have hair removal that lasts several months and sometimes years. But it’s not guaranteed.

Hair that regrows is typically more delicate and lighter in colour. So, long-term hair reduction may need top-up laser treatments.

Is laser hair removal painful? No, the laser doesn’t hurt or cause any pain at all. Most areas are completely painless and just feel warm or tingly during treatment. Places like your face, neck and feet tend to be more sensitive, so we’re extra careful around there.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

Well, the cost of laser hair removal starts at £45 for one upper lip treatment and £2,000 for 6 sessions for a woman everywhere south of your eyebrows.

Laser hair removal is the most cost-effective and long-lasting hair removal method.

Everyone has their own goals, so prices are tailored to you.

There are discounts for buying 6 or more sessions in one go. And we offer finance too!

Get a better idea of the cost from our price list or contact us for a custom package. 

It’s safe to get lasered at any time. Despite using the tiniest amount of radiation, there’s no cancer risk. 

If you’re trying for a baby or are already pregnant, health professionals advise against being treated.

Laser hair removal works by sending a beam of laser light into the skin. The laser is attracted to the hair’s pigment (colour); the light energy is converted into heat energy when this happens. The heat energy warms up the follicles that produce the hairs, destroying or slowing down its ability to develop new hair.

The beam of light is so concentrated there’s no damage to the surrounding skin, making it suitable for all hair and skin types. 

Unlike IPL (intense pulsed light), it is suitable for dark skin tones so everybody can be hair free and carefree.

Usually, in 6 sessions, you’ll see great results. However, laser hair removal for men and women with PCOS takes a little longer and sees their life-changing results in about 10 sessions.

There will always be some people who need more sessions than average. It all depends on your body, and we’re all different.

No, there’s no evidence to suggest that laser hair removal causes skin cancer. A direct quote from the NHS Laser Hair Removal information.

Laser Hair Removal


I honestly couldn’t recommend Jen even more. She made me feel at ease straight away and made the whole experience enjoyable. To say having laser hair removal is life changing is an understatement. It’s painless and Jen makes sure you’re comfortable every step of the way!


Can't recommend enough! I had my consultation with Lucie. She explained everything to me and answered every question I had. Then I started my treatment with Jen. I was worried at first and nervous but Jen was absolutely brilliant. She really calmed me down and made me feel comfortable. Treatment itself was quite nice actually! It felt nice and warm and I actually enjoyed that. No pain or anything like that. I can see a difference already and it was only my first session.


I had my first laser hair removal session with Jen on Saturday, it’s Monday & I can already see the results which I’m ecstatic with as I have very dark coarse hair on my legs. She made me feel very at ease given most of your body is exposed & the treatment took no more than half an hour. Even at this early stage of my course I would recommend having this done, it’s taken me years to decide to have it now I wish I had done it a long time ago.


Jen is absolutely fab and I would recommend her to anyone. I’ve had 5 sessions of laser now and have noticed a huge difference. The sessions, which are done in 15 minutes, are honestly not painful. Sometimes it’s a bit warm. Definitely go for it if you’re on the fence!


I was a bit unsure about this treatment - I had my bikini area lasered - as it is so intimate but Jen was absolutely brilliant. She very quickly put me at ease and I never looked back. Jen was very sensitive to my needs and also good company - we laughed and chatted about everything! She's just a natural - professional in her work but also a people person. I would highly recommend! Thank you Jen!

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