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Tempted by the promise of eternally hair-free (and bump-free) skin?

Say sayonara to endless removal treatments and hello to beautifully smooth skin.

Electrolysis is the only permanent method of hair removal. Our advanced technology means electrolysis is a super-quick and comfortable option for those longing for freedom from the daily de-fuzz.

It’s effective for all skin tones and hair types – including white, red, and blonde hair – and safe for sensitive areas and facial hair, with no bumps, or ingrown hairs… just total body confidence.

And you’re in trusted hands; our highly qualified and experienced staff have worked with women, men, and transgender clients to form a bespoke treatment plan so that you get the maximum results in the shortest time.

Supporting your Journey to
Becoming You

Hair Removal

Understandably, you feel vulnerable facing the daunting task of hair removal. It’s an investment, uncomfortable, and time-consuming. You want the best service with the least risk, so it is always best to go with professionals that have experience and specialist skills.

For many of our transgender clients, removing facial and unwanted body hair is an essential part of their journey. However, it’s unlikely that hormones alone will eliminate all existing facial hair. Electrolysis is the only permanent method of speeding up this process.

Lucie, one of our electrologists, has worked extensively with transgender clients, removing facial and body hair on the surgical site for gender reassignment surgery. We pride ourselves on being discrete, sensitive, and, ultimately, trusted by our clients. Our primary goal is to support you in your journey.

Find out more about our services for transgender clients.

Love letters
from our clients

I've had a wonderful experience with laser lounge so far. I've just been to my 2nd session of electrolysis and Lucie has been absolutely brilliant. I feel confident in her services as she obviously knows what she's doing and completely puts you at ease.

Amanda J




Shave – if you are getting a dense area treated like the bikini or beard, shave the treatment area 2- 3 days before your first treatment.

Hydrate – drink water during the full course of your treatment sessions and keep the treatment area well moisturised between sessions for best hair removal results.

Consult – be honest with your electrologist and disclose all health conditions during the consultation and if you experience any reactions or changes to your health during the treatment.


Use Retinoids – steer clear of retinoids or any exfoliation products for a week before the treatment.

Clog your pores – remove all makeup, creams, or deodorants that could clog pores before treatment.

What to expect

Book your consultation, and we’ll make sure you’re suitable for treatment.

We’ll gather some medical history and talk through the details, like aftercare and risks, before agreeing on a treatment plan. Once we’ve done a test patch to check your sensitivity levels, we’ll book your first session.

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The session will be in our clean and sanitised treatment room. At the start of each session, you’ll receive a new, single-use, sterile probe that works specifically for your personalised treatment plan on our state of the art Apilus machine.

Depending on your treatment area, we will position you comfortably on the bed. Your electrologist will cleanse the area before inserting the small probe into the hair follicle, which is a natural opening in the skin.  A short pulse of electric energy is released, which destroys the hair’s stem cells. The hair is then easily removed with tweezers. 

Electrolysis Apilus.

You might feel a tingling when this happens. We find that relaxation methods are enough to reduce discomfort, but numbing cream can help too.

Your electrologist may ask you to pull or stretch your skin, or they may ask you to move throughout the treatment, depending on the location of the treatment area and the elasticity of your skin.

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This process continues until a couple of minutes before the end of your session when the electrologist will apply aftercare creams to soothe the skin.



Soothe the skin – aloe vera is recommended and can be applied as necessary.

Reduce inflammation – by using cold compresses.

Shave – if you need to remove hair after the initial 72 hours, avoid all other forms of hair removal except shaving or trimming.


Use perfumed or alcohol-based products – this can burn and irritate the open pores.

Rub or scratch – as tempting as it may be, this will increase the risk of infection. Don’t worry – it’s normal for some scabs and itchiness.

Sunbathe or swim – for 72 hours after treatment to avoid pigmentation or irritation from chlorine.

Sweat – at least excessively. Enjoy your time off from the gym!


Electrolysis is considered very cost effective when compared to other temporary hair removal methods. During your consultation, we will discuss the length and frequency of treatment required to set up a schedule.

We accept all major credit and debit cards, Google and Apple pay, LayBuy and Klarna.


During electrolysis, a tiny needle is placed within the hair follicle (a natural opening in the skin) and an electric current is used to burn away the root of the hair. At The Laser Lounge we use 2 methods of electrolysis, to ensure a truly effective and bespoke treatment plan.

Yes! Lucie has over eight years of experience and is Level 3 & 4 qualified, making her an expert in removing hair and various skin blemishes. She has experience working on sensitive areas, like surgical sites and the face, and has mastered the art of accurate probing, meaning more surface area is treated and you’ll have skin that a baby seal would be jealous of in less time.

The whole team has regular training and industry updates, keeping them at the top of their game. 

There is a slight sting, some say, a ‘tingling’ sensation when the probe goes in, but it’s bearable and there are numbing creams available from the pharmacy that can help. The Apilus 3G works so fast that the pain is minimal. However, everyone's tolerance is a little different, which is why a consultation is essential.
Electrolysis is effective for people with any skin type, skin colour, hair type, and hair colour. Electrolysis is also suitable for any area of the body. As long as the hair is visible, the hair can be successfully treated.
Electrolysis hair removal is very safe. It is the only medically approved form of permanent hair removal supported by the British Medical Association. There are some very slight risks of infection or scarring if the electrolysis is not done correctly. These risks are very low if you choose a certified, professional electrolysis practice, which we are. Our electrologist is level 3 & 4 qualified with over seven years of experience.
The treatment area may be irritated or swollen for a short period after, but cold compresses and aloe vera help, if required.
On average it takes 12-18 months of regular appointments to clear an area. However, this is completely dependent on the individual as it comes down to several factors, including; hair growth cycles, hormones, medical conditions, PCOS, previous hair removal and their results, and stress influence.

The number of sessions will depend on the individual, the hair type, and the treatment area size.

For the hair to be eradicated, it needs to be treated at a specific time in its cycle. This is dependent on the area and type of hair being treated. Strong, terminal hairs, like the chin, can take longer to kill completely.

It's best to discuss this with your surgeon, as most surgeons now opt for the scraping technique to remove hairs on the surgical site.
You should only shave and trim the hair between treatments so we can preserve the hair for the electrolysis session. Around 3-4 days of hair growth is optimum for the electrolysis session to be successful - the hair needs to be long enough to grab with the tweezers.
It may be tempting to double up on treatments to get a faster result, but you've chosen electrolysis because it is truly permanent. If you continue the laser treatment, this could change the hair and follicle, making the electrolysis less effective.

Cypress Quay

Jackie M

Amazing and friendly service. As a transgender woman I can recommend Laser Lounge to any other trans clients looking for hair removal. I've been going for a year now and have always had friendly and understanding service from Jen and Lucie. I feel comfortable when getting my treatment and they are very accomodating to my individual needs.

Miriam K

I recommend the laser lounge to everyone who asks me about hair removal! Lucie and Jen are both lovely, I’ve been coming here for a long time now and had the full body laser course and now return for my regular top up sessions. It’s always nice to see Jen and catch up, she really makes feel at ease during appointments. I did a lot of research before choosing somewhere in Manchester for hair removal and I’m glad I picked the laser lounge.

Rebecca C

I honestly couldn’t recommend Jen even more. She made me feel at ease straight away and made the whole experience enjoyable. To say having laser hair removal is life changing is an understatement. It’s painless and Jen makes sure you’re comfortable every step of the way!

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